2020-25 Strategic Plan

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Mission, Vision and Values


Central Community College maximizes student and community success.


Our vision is to be the best choice in our service area for:

  • Facilitating students’ achievement of lifelong educational goals of a quality education provided by exceptional faculty and staff and leading to profitable employment options, successful credit transfer and continued learning. This can be done through individualized attention and valued as a positive return on investment.
  • Developing a skilled workforce through work-based learning partnerships and entrepreneurship opportunities while utilizing modern facilities, technologies and alumni advocates.
  • Advancing communities through public and private partnerships to create future civic contributors, economic developers and sustainability leaders. Vision:


Central Community College Values students, community, innovation and student success. We demonstrate this by measuring:

  • Access: delivering instruction through multiple methods and quality support services, emphasizing student success by meeting students where they are through open enrollment and providing a valuable return on investment for educational dollars used.
  • Student success: recognizing the importance of individual needs, providing comprehensive student support services, and producing academic and technical challenge; promoting student success by creating a learner-centered environment that supports holistic student development.
  • Preparation: serving the needs of diverse learners; fostering a commitment to lifelong learning by preparing students for their future in an interconnected global society.
  • Partnerships: fostering rural economic development by promoting and creating educational opportunities through mutually respectful and beneficial partnerships.
  • Diversity: valuing diversity within our student body and among our board of governors, faculty, staff and administration.
  • Return on investment: exercising and upholding financial, social and environmental sustainability.
  • Continuous quality improvement: using data and stakeholder input to make informed decisions in the best interest of students.
  • Creativity: being proactive in exploring, developing and implementing new programming and services to meet constituents’ needs.
  • Leadership: demonstrating high ethical and professional standards; continuing to build on Central Community College’s heritage while envisioning our future.

CCC Outcomes include creating:

  • Completers: skilled, knowledgeable and independent lifelong learners who possess the work ethic and communication skills necessary for successfully completing their college educational goals.
  • Critical thinkers: innovative problem solvers who are adaptable, inquisitive and prepared for their future in an interconnected global society.
  • Contributors: accountable, motivated and collaborative leaders who make a positive difference in their professions and communities.

CCC 2020-2025 Impactful Initiatives

Open for Business 

Central Community College has seen significant decreases in part-time adult enrollments in part due to a strong local economy and record high employment rates. While positive that employees have work, we also know better paying jobs require advanced education/training and skills that could be obtained from CCC. To reach this population, CCC needs to be available when individuals have time for this education & training which may include evenings, weekends, multiple start points and a mix of online and in person delivery throughout our service area.

Success Coach Program 

Provide each full-time and part-time degree, diploma and certificate seeking student access to a Success Coach. We know this model works as evidenced by the success of Project HELP and TRIO. The goal is to increase retention, persistence and ultimately completion. With around 70% of our students being part-time their connection to a success coach is vital and may need to include support of all faculty, administrators and contract staff to serve in this capacity along with success coach specialists.

Work based Learning/Apprenticeships 

With the growing competition for skilled workers the apprenticeship “earn while you learn” model provides students with another option to further their education while supporting themselves through employment. In addition to potentially reducing the reliance on student’s loans, work-based learning opportunities are a tool for recruitment to High Demand, High Skill or High Wage (H3) careers. Using existing curriculum models and established employer connections, CCC could expand work-based learning/apprenticeships across multiple divisions and disciplines while strengthening support of employer partnerships, scholarships, on-boarding and support services. The work-based programming aligns with current workforce initiatives promoted through our region, state and federally as a method to grow skilled talent which is a challenge facing the region, state and nation for the coming decade.