College Costs

Tuition at CCC is among the most competitive in the state, and we offer a number of financial aid programs to qualified students to help lower costs even more. 

The bottom line is that at CCC you can invest less money in your college education without compromising the quality of your education.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

The estimated Cost of Attendance (COA) is created by the Office of Financial Aid. It gives the average costs a student may accrue during the academic year while attending CCC.

The Cost of Attendance is broken down into direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are items that will appear on a student’s CCC bill, such as tuition, fees, and room and meal plan (if student lives on campus). Some e-books will be considered direct cost as they are included with the registration of a specific class. Indirect costs will not appear on a student’s bill but are estimated costs associated with going to college and should be included in budgeting.


2023-2024 COA




Off-Campus Living with Parent

Tuition & Fees




Living Expenses




Books & Supplies












Total COA





Tuition and Fees

At CCC, we charge on a per credit hour for tuition and fees. To calculate you tuition and fees cost, simply multiply the total number of credit hours by the total tuition and fees rate.

2023-24 Tuition and Fees (cost per credit)   

  Tuition Fees Total

Nebraska Resident








Living Expenses (Housing & Meals)

At CCC, we offer on-campus housing at our Hastings and Columbus campuses. If you choose not to live on-campus or are attending one of our commuter sites, you still need to have an estimate of what your housing and food will cost for a year.

2023-24 Room and Meal Plan Rates

Occupancy Meal Plan Cost
Double/Triple 14 meals a week $3,758 a semester
Double/Triple 19 meals a week $4,116 a semester
Single  14 meals a week $5,435 a semester
Single 19 meals a week $5,793 a semester


Books & Supplies

An essential part of college success is having the right books and supplies for your classroom experience. Keep in mind, that these costs will vary based on the courses you’re taking. To find out what’s required for your courses, check out the CCC Bookstore Website. (link) Also remember that some e-books are already include with class registration. If an e-book is include it will show up on your class registration.

Other/Miscellaneous Expenses

While these expenses are not charged through CCC it is still important for you to budget for them. These include allowances for transportation, clothing, recreation, and other living and miscellaneous expenses. They vary greatly based on your lifestyle. The allowance is based on what we consider reasonable but modest costs after surveying segments of our student population.

Program Fees

Some of our programs have additional cost to purchase the necessary tools, equipment or safety gear. Those programs that have additional cost are listed below along with the expected costs. For a complete list of the required tools please contact the program advisor.

2023-24 Specific Program Expenses

Advanced Manufacturing Design Technology - 1st Year

Required Tools: $3,800
Safety Eyewear: $50
TOTAL: $3,850

Auto Body Technology - 1st Year         

Required Tools: $6,000
Uniform Shirts (4): $200
Safety Eyeware: $50
Total: $6,250

Automotive Technology - 1st Year

Required Tools & Toolbox: $5,500
Uniforms: $140
Required Shoes: $100
Safety Eyewear: $20
HVAC Certificate: $20
Jumper Wire Kit: $15
Total: $5,795

Optional Tools: $1,500

Construction Technology - 1st Year

Required Tools: $300
Safety Eyeware: $5
Total: $305

Optional Tools: $500

Dental Assisting - 1st Year

Uniforms: $250
Required Shoes: $100
Safety Eyewear: $30
Practicum Insurance: $12
CPR 1st Semester: $60
Total: $452

Dental Hygiene - 1st Year          

Instrument Kit: $9,200
Magnification Loupes: $2,500
Uniforms: $280
SADHA Association Fees: $65
Practicum Insurance: $12
Gloves, Masks, cost to rotation sites: $250
Total: $12,307

Certification / Credentialing
Clinical Board Certification - 5th semester: $1,250
National Board Certification - 5th semester: $500

Diesel Technology - 1st Year

Required Tools & Toolbox $6,400
Uniforms: $150
Required Shoes: $150
Safety Eyewear: $10
Total: $6,710

Electrical Technology - 1st Year

Required Tools: $600
Total: $600

Optional Tools: $1,200

Energy Technology - 1st Year

Required Toolbox: $40
Uniforms: $332
Shoes: $250
Safety Eyeware
Total: $629

Certification / Credentialing
Advanced Rescue Training Certificaion - 3rd Semester: $1,500

Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Certification / Credentialing
R410A Open Book Exam - 2nd Semester: $25
EPA 608 Technician Exam - 2nd Semester: $25
Electrical Employment Ready Exam - 2nd Semester: $15

Certification / Credentialing
Gas Heat Employment Ready Exam - 4th Semester: $15

Heavy Equipment Operator Technician - 1st Year

Uniforms: $175
Shoes: $250
Total: $425

Optional Tools: $400

Hospitality Management - Culinary - 1st Year

Uniforms: $200
Total: $200

Medical Assisting - 1st Year

Uniforms: $100
Shoes: $50
Practicum Insurance: $12
CPR/BLS: $68
Total: $230

Optional Instruments: $50
Optional Training - Medication Aide: $420

Nursing Education – 1st Year

Required Instruments: $100
Uniforms: $250
Shoes: $50
Practicum Insurance: $12
Program Fee - Nursing Pin: $40
ATI Fees: $1,425
Total: $1,877

Certification / Credentialing
PN National Council of Examination - 2nd semester: $200
PN Licensure - 2nd semester: $123

Nursing Education – 2nd Year

Practicum Insurance: $12
Program Fees - Nursing Pin: $55
ATI Fee: $1,425
Total: $1,492

Certification / Credentialing
PN National Council of Examination - 4th semester: $200
PN Licensure - 4th semester: $123

Paramedicine – 1st Year

Uniforms: $150
Practicum Insurance: $12
FISDAP: $276
Total: $438

Certification / Credentialing
NREMT Psychomotor Certification - 6th semester: $350
NREMT Coginitive Certification - 6th semester: $180

Pharmacy Technician – 1st Year

Uniforms: $50
Practicum Insurance: $12
BLS: $68
Pharmacy Law & Business Application: $25
Pharmacy Tech Pre-Test & Test: $158
Total: $313

Welding Technology - 1st Year       

Required Tools & Toolbox: $1,145
Total: $1,145

Net Price Calculator

This Net Price Calculator will provide a preliminary estimate of federal aid eligibility, to help you understand what aid you may be awarded and make arrangements to cover the cost of attendance at college

Resident Classification

Nebraska Residents

A student qualifies for resident tuition rates at Central Community College if he or she is not an international student or dependent with an F status, and meets one of the following criteria:

  • Legal Age Resident or Emancipated Minor
  • Dependent Minor (less than 19 years of age)
  • Legal Age Dependent (19-24 years of age)
  • Married to a Nebraska Resident
  • Permanent Resident, Asylee or Refugee
  • University / State College / NE Community College
    Employee or Dependent / Spouse
  • Active Duty Military / NE National Guard
    Dependent or Spouse
  • Nebraksa High School Graduate / Nebraska Dream Act
  • Native American
  • Recruited or Transferred Employee or Dependent / Spouse
  • Nebraska High School Graduate Veteran
  • Military Veteran or Dependent / Spouse
  • Midwest Student Exchange

If you qualify in one of these categories, send the completed application to:


Non-Nebraska Residents

An individual who does not qualify for the resident tuition rate is considered a non-resident.

If you believe you should be considered a Nebraska resident and receive in-state tuition, please contact the Admissions Office of your choice. 

CCC Admissions
Columbus Campus: 402-562-1257
Grand Island Campus: 308-398-7420
Hastings Campus: 402-461-2428 

Tuition and Fees Refund

Tuition and Fees Refund

Students who drop credits within the time periods listed below, according to the course's scheduled session length, will receive a 100 percent refund of tuition and fees. Thereafter, no refund is available. Contact the Student Accounts Office for assistance.

Scheduled Session Length College Instructional Days Refund
17 weeks or greater 0-10 Days 100%
After 10 Days No Refund
16-13 weeks 0-10 Days 100%
After 10 Days No Refund
12-9 weeks 0-7 Days 100%
After 7 Days No Refund
8-5 weeks 0-5 Days 100%
After 5 Days No Refund
4-1 weeks 0-2 Days 100%
After 2 Days No Refund
1-0 weeks Prior to First Class 100%
After First Class No Refund

One and two-day seminars and workshops are excluded from refunds after the activity begins.

In order to receive a refund, a student must notify the Registrar’s Office and Student Accounts Office. Students who have credit balances will receive a refund within 60 days. 


Student Accounts